Clarity Through Design  
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Here you will find examples of sample data or projects visualized for our client base.

Normally a project will start with a breif provided by our client, this can vary from a rough sketch, a DNA sequence and some results or just a couple of sentences on what a picture for a book cover should look like..

We then provide criticism and sugestions, advice or propose alternate stratagies. If the client is able to proceede alone the transaction is at an end. If further assistance is needed Scientific Illustration wil take over the order.

Once a design has been comissioned a prototype illustration is returned to the clinet for corrections or approval. An ongoing relationship can develop between client and Scientific Illustration depending on what depth and scope of help is needed in preparation or correction of the manuscript in question.

The design is then finalized and provided in various digital file formats to the client or publication concerned.



Here 2 raw DNA gene sequences were provided. Indicateion of the relation and presence of any concerved regions was required for publication. Raw DNA data sequence comparison

Here a verbal discription and table was provided for construction of a book figure for Blackwell Publishing.Bacterial drug resistance

Techniques from the film industry are required for documentaries or corporate presentations. Similar quality is used with a far higher scientific contentl.
 Bacteriophage lambda DNA injection