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Products & solutions

Here you will find solutions to data and concept visualization provided by Scientific Illustration for publication in scientific journals, public or commercial presentations and for advertizing or publicity.

Information on how to produce the illustrations your self is provided for those that do not wish to outsourse to a specialized service provider. Alternatively clients of Scientific Illustration may find inspiration for new orders or update specifications for their own illustrations.

Data visualization such as graphs charts and sequence comparisons.

Conceptual illustration compilling many forms of data using both classic textbook illustration and line drawing or annotated computer generated renders such as crystal structures in Cn3d Lightwave, 3dstudio Max or Softimage.

Multimedia presentation, combining new media such as CG animation, pre renderd voxel tecnology, and classic arts to provide product presentaions and publicity media.



Protein sequence alignment

GAP Sequence alignment .

EcoRI Bound DNA

DNA ligand binding space fill .

EcoRI Bound DNA