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Links to Molecular Biology Research Tools


Here you will find links and guides to handling and visualization of your own projects.


3D-ALI - Database relating Proteins Structures and Sequences (see Documentation) at EMBL-Heidelberg

AA Composition - Protein Identification in SwissProt using Amino Acid Composition at ExPASy, Switzerland

AA Similarity - Compare the Amino Acid Composition of a SwissProt Entry with Other Entries at ExPASy, Switzerland

BLAST - Basic Local Alignment Research Tool at NCBI

BLITZ at EMBL-Heidelberg

CATH Protein structure classification at UCL-London,

Codon Usage - Codon usage analysis at

Darwin - Data Analysis and Retrieval With Indexed Nucleotide/Peptide Sequences at ETH-Zürich, Switzerland

dbEST - Database of Expressed Sequence Tags at NCBI

DBGET - Integrated Database Retrieval System (w/ diagram links) at GenomeNet, Japan

DOTUP - Dotplot comparison of a DNA sequence with itself at Institut Pasteur

EMNEW - Index of New EMBL Sequences at EBI, UK

ENZYME - The Enzyme Data Bank at ExPASy, Switzerland

EPD - Eucaryotic Promoter Database at EMSwiss Institute for Bioinformatics

EPO - European Patent Office free search engine at espacenet,

FASTA - Compare a Nucleic Acid Sequence to Nucleotide Sequence Databases (w/ updates) at EBI

FlyBase - Genetic and Molecular Database for Drosophila at Harvard U.

GDB - Human Genome Data Base at John Hopkins

Gene Finder - Predict Gene Structure, Internal Exons and Splicing Sites in DNA The Baylor College of Medicine

HSSP - Database of Homology-Derived Structures of Proteins based on PDB and SwissProt at EMBL-Heidelberg

LIGAND - Ligand Chemical Database for Enzyme Reactions at GenomeNet, Japan

Metabolic Database - Metabolic Reactions and Pathways at CGSC-Yale U. and Metabolic Database !Recent! at INRA-Moulon, France

MHCPEP - Database of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Binding Peptides at WEHI-Melbourne, Australia

MPBD - Molecular Probe Data Base at Istituto Nazionale per la Ricerca sul Cancro

MOTIF - Search Patterns in Protein Sequences at GenomeNet,

PredictProtein - Predict Protein Secondary Structure

OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man at NCBI

Protein Data Bank Structures at Web Structure Download

Swiss-Prot - Search SwissProt for a Peptide Sequence at Expasy

PHD - Predict Protein Secondary Structure at EMBL-Heidelberg w/ search from Iowa State

PHILIP-Bootstrapping Analysis !Recent! - Divergence Between Protein or Nucleotide Sequences at Institut Pasteur, France

Phospepsort !New! - Digest Phosphorylated Peptide Sequences at EERIE-Nimes, France

pI/Mw - Compute the Theoretical pI and Molecular Weight of a Protein Sequence at ExPASy, Switzerland

Pileup !Recent! - Align Protein or Nucleotide Sequences at EERIE-Nimes, France

PIR - Protein Identification Resource Database at John Hopkins

PIRALN - Database of Sequence Alignments based on PIR at EMBL-Heidelberg

PMD - Protein Mutant Database at GenomeNet, Japan and PMD at EMBL-Heidelberg

PMOTIF - Search Protein Motifs in Gene Sequence at U. Minnesota

Poland - Calculate the Thermal Denaturation Profile of Double Stranded RNA or DNA at Uni-Düsseldorf, Germany

PredictProtein !Recent! - Predict Protein Secondary Structure at EMBL-Heidelberg

PRF - Protein Research Foundation Sequence Database at GenomeNet, Japan

Primer Selection - Select Primers in a Gene Sequence at U. Minnesota

PRINTS !Recent! - Protein Motif Fingerprints Database (see Documentation) at EMBnet-Basel, Switzerland

ProDom - A Protein Domain Database and ProDom-Search at Sanger Centre, UK, ProDom at EMBL-Heidelberg and ProDom-Info at Iowa State

ProLink - Integrated Database of Protein Structure, Sequence Homology, and Functional Pattern Information at BMERC (Gopher)

PROPSEARCH - Protein Sequence Search for Structural Homology Based on Aminoacid Properties at EMBL-Heidelberg

PROSITE - Protein Sites and Patterns Database at ExPASy, Switzerland and PROSITE-Search !Recent! at EMBL-Heidelberg

Protein-Extras at EMBL-Heidelberg (FTP)

Protein Families - Links to Information on Different Protein Families at Iowa State

Protein Motions !New! - DataBase of Protein Movements at Stanford U.

PSORT !Recent! - Predict Protein Sorting Signals Coded in Amino Acid Sequences at GenomeNet, Japan

PSSP !New! - Protein Secondary Structure Prediction at PUU - Protein Domains Database Based on PDB-Select at EMBL-Heidelberg (FTP)

RDP !New! - Ribosomal Database Project at U. Illinois

ReBase !New! - Restriction Enzyme Database at New England Biolabs, ReBase at EMBL-Heidelberg and ReBase at John Hopkins

RNA Secondary Structures - Information on Group I Introns and rRNA at U. Colorado-Boulder

Robert Kendall Photography - Land scape, Long exposure, and the beauty of nature at

rRNA !New! - Databases of Ribosomal Subunit RNA Sequences at U. Antwerp, Belgium

SBASE - Library of Protein Domains and SBASE-Search at ICGEB-Trieste, Italy

SCANPS - Scan Protein Sequences at U. Oxford, UK

SCOP - Structural Classification of Proteins at Cambridge, UK and SCOP at U. South Florida

Sequence Annotation - Annotations on NCBI Sequences at Sequence Translation - Translate Gene Sequences at U. Minnesota

Sleuth - Amino Acid Conformation and Solvent Accessibility of PDB Files at Washington U. (FTP)

SOPM !New! - Self Optimized Prediction Method for Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure at IBCP-CNRS, France

SRSWWW - Network Browser for Databanks in Molecular Biology (w/ diagram links) at EMBL-Heidelberg

SRSWWW-Directory !Recent! - Directory of SRSWWW Network Browsers for Biological Databanks and SRSWWW-Global Status !Recent! at EMBnet-Basel

SSEARCH !Recent! - Universal Sequence Comparison Using the Smith-Waterman Algorithm at EERIE-Nimes, France

SSPRED !New! - Predict the Secondary Structure of Proteins at EMBL-Heidelberg, Germany

SURVOL !New! - Analysis of Protein Atomic Volumes at UCMB, Belgium

Swiss-2DPage - Two-dimensional Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Database at ExPASy, Switzerland

SWISSDOM - SwissProt Entries in a ProDom Map at EBI, UK

Swiss-Model - Automated Protein Modelling at ExPASy, Switzerland

SWISSNEW - New SwissProt Sequences at EBI, UK

SwissProt - Protein Sequence Database (+ Weekly Updates) at ExPASy, Switzerland

Swiss-Shop - Automated SwissProt and Prosite Information Queries at ExPASy, Switzerland

TBASE !Recent! - Transgenic/Targeted Mutation Database at John Hopkins

TFASTA !Recent! - Match a Protein Sequence Against All Six Frames of GenBank Sequences at EERIE-Nimes, France

TFD - Transcription Factor Database at NIH (Gopher)

TFFACTOR and TFSITE - Transcription Factor Data at EMBL-Heidelberg

Tm - Oligonucleotide Melting Point Determination at U. Minnesota

TMAP - Identification of Transmembrane Segments on a Protein Sequence at EMBL-Heidelberg

TMBASE - Transmembrane Protein Database at U. Lausanne, Switzerland (FTP)

Translate !Recent! - Translate a Nucleotide Sequence into Amino Acid Sequence at EERIE-Nimes, France

TreeGen - Tree Generation from Distance Data at ETH-Zürich, Switzerland

TREMBL - Database of Translated Peptide Sequences of All CDS Features from EMBL Sequences at EMBL-Heidelberg

VecBase !Recent! - Cloning Vector Sequence CAOS/CAMM, The Netherlands

VECTOR !Recent! - Cloning Vector Database at BEN, Belgium , Vector at John Hopkins and Vector-ig at IVR, Kyoto-U., Japan (Gopher)

WebLogo - Sequence Logo Generation at Cambridge U., UK

Macro Photography at - Macrophotography guide by Andrew Blyth at,

Wild animal photos - Exquisit photos of wild animals from around the world at,

Originally compiled by Pedro M. Coutinho at Iowa State University.

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Links to molecular biology research tools